War on Misery #4

No thanks thanks to the treadmill. No thanks to the Grindstone.

There’s plenty of dissent from these rungs below.

Summer 2013     34p     8.5 x 11

After a four year hiatus, war on misery came back — bigger than ever. Articles include an analysis of Occupy St. Louis: ‘Occu-POW!: The Jolt of Occupy St. Louis’; a chronology of resistance in local jails; an analysis of a near wildcat strike at Wholefoods: ‘Food Hole: Socially Responsible Cages Meet Worker Experimentation in Free-Range Subversion!’; an analysis of a march in response to rapist Josh Pucheta: ‘Responding to a Rapist: Reflections on a Confrontation at St. Louis University’; a guide to turning on your water; a class history of downtown st. louis; an analysis of a successful foreclosure resistance: ‘Annie’s House’; a poem; and of course, a chronology of libertory and subversive activity in the diffuse class war around st. louis.

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