This website has many of our favorite books on it—ones that have inspired us and boiled our blood. Other titles are simply the best available on the topic with better books being cost prohibitive or having not yet been translated, re-discovered or written (perhaps by you!). We aim to get as many of these texts into the hands of friends and strangers as possible.

All books are on a sliding scale. We find that if a book is more than a few dollars, it can quickly go from something we hardly think about getting to a luxury we can afford only every now and then. The low end of the scale is what we paid for the book. The higher end is if you’re feeling generous or have access to extra money at the moment. Any money we get, we put back into acquiring more books, subsidizing some of the more expensive ones or sending books to prisoners.

Please, though, don’t feel guilted into paying extra. You know how much money you have access to, and we trust you won’t abuse this project. And, please, don’t ever feel like you’re making the world a better place by the way you spend your money. Money’s a motherfucker and needs to be destroyed, not spent differently.

For Beautiful Stories and Total Freedom,

A Boulder on the Tracks

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