The Dil Pickle Club

Marc Moscato & Dean Rank     2009     10.5 x 16.5

“Step high, stoop low, leave your dignity outside.”

The Dil Pickle Club, 1914-1933. “Literary nightspot at the heart of the Chicago renaissance. Around the corner from Bughouse Square, down the Tooker Alley, was Chicago’s radical nexus billed The Dil Pickle Club. Here, every openness on the road to anarchy was extolled through plays, dancing, readings, lectures and heckling. The ringleaders asked, ‘Are you a nut about anything?’ If so, Jack Jones and the Dil Pickle Club went looking for you.The Impresarios!

Jack Jones: Arsonist, bomb maker and wobbly

Jim Larkin: Trade union leader and social activist, on the lam from Dublin

Slim Brundage: Beatnick janitor and founder of the college of complexes

Ben Reitman: Clap doctor and lover to Emma Goldman

 Home to Bohemians, Newberry librarians, derelicts, ozone orators, poets, painters, journalists, sex workers, wobblies, professors, lawyers, doctors and earnest young husbands and wives.”

#58 in the Celebrate People’s History. This poster is a full-bleed digital reprint on 80 lbs cardstock.



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