Mujeres Libres

Christy Road     2004     10.5 x 16.5

“During an era of extreme gender division in Spain, women’s freedom was severely restricted. In response to the women’s situation, two groups of anarchist women in Barcelona and Madrid had begun organising two years before the revolution. In preparation for the revolution, they built up a network of women activists which would soon merge to form the Mujeres Libres (Free Women) organisation in September 1936. Over 30,000 of Las Mujeres Libres advocated the alliance of women and the anarchist movement, involved more women in the CNT (Confederacion Nacional de Trabojo, the anarchist-syndicalist trade union), and raised consciousness and education to ‘free herself from the triple enslavement: her enslavement to ignorance, her enslavement as a producer, and her enslavement as a woman.’ The social revolution in Spain was made by people, like Las Mujeres Libres, who pressed for radical changes in an oppressive, conformist society.”

#20 in the Celebrate People’s History. This poster is a full-bleed digital reprint on 80 lbs cardstock. 



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