Parable of the Talents

book two of the earthseed series

Octavia Butler     1998     424p     5 x 8

Parable of the Talents is told from the point of views of Lauren Oya Olamina and her daughter Larkin Olamina/Asha Vere. The novel consists of journal entries by Lauren and passages by Asha Vere. Four years after the events of the previous novel Parable of the Sower, Lauren has founded a new religious community called Acorn, which is centered around her religion Earthseed, which is predicated around the belief that humanity’s destiny is to travel beyond Earth and live on other planets in order for humanity to reach adulthood.

The novel is set against the backdrop of a dystopian United States that has come under the grip of a Christian fundamentalist denomination called ‘Christian America’ led by President Andrew Steele Jarret. Seeking to restore American power and prestige, Jarret embarks on a crusade to cleanse America of non-Christian faiths. Slavery has resurfaced with “shock collars” being used to control slaves. Virtual reality headsets known as ‘Dreamasks are also popular since they enable wearers to escape their harsh reality.”



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