“Each Crueler Than the Last”

Notes on Christopher Columbus & Henry Shaw for the Destruction of Their Honor

Leopold Trebitch     &     CrimethInc.     2018     p     5 x 7.5

From the introduction: “Last month, a crowd tore down a Confederate monument in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, continuing a tradition of iconoclasm initiated in nearby Durham a year ago after the clashes in Charlottesville. Now, a month ahead of Columbus Day 2018, a panel of experts is debating the fate of the Columbus statue at Tower Grove Park in St. Louis, where several other recent struggles have taken place. It’s a good time to revisit the colonization of the so-called New World and Native, African, and underclass resistance against it.

This story extends from the islands of the Caribbean to the settlement that became St. Louis. Christopher Columbus set this violence in motion; Henry Shaw, the commissioner of the statue in St. Louis and the founder of the Missouri Botanical Garden and the park itself, perpetuated it.

This text is excerpted from the forthcoming historical work, Many Mischeifes of Very Dangerous Consequence”: Missouri Slavery and Resistance by Leopold Trebitch. It also contains many descriptions of graphic violence—the violence that was necessary to impose European colonialism, white supremacy, capitalism, and ultimately the sovereignty of the United States on this land.

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