Dispatches from Ferguson

Vol. I

Anonymous     2014     20p     5 x 8

‘This commercial stretch, full of parasitical businesses, has numerous small roads leading east into the densely-populated neighborhoods just one block in that direction. The police, too afraid and outnumbered to enter a residential area seething with outrage, weren’t able to block these streets. People, hearing about what was going on, poured into the commercial district on foot and in cars and motorcycles throughout the night. For once, the geography of this fucked up suburb was on our side. Seemingly endless numbers of angry people were able to join the rioting by entering through the protection of a residential neighborhood united against the police who were unable to enter.’

This pamphlet includes two essays: An Eye for an Eye Makes Our Masters Blind and Ferguson Over One Week In. The first is a collection of first-person accounts of August 10, 2014, the first night of rioting in Ferguson, written immediately afterward while the authors were still full of shock, grief and euphoria. The second essay is written halfway through the uprising, when the future of the revolt was still unclear but people had been in it enough to make some sense of it. 

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