Anarchy #33

A Journal of Desire Armed

Summer 1992     88p     8.25 x 10.5

Articles include remembrances to Bob Brubaker, 1952-1992; an article by Michael William about Lyne Robichaud’s painting Femme aux BananasPeace for Cuba: the repressive left in actionWear A Mask! about a queer riot in San Francisco the previous year; Sacrifice, Chapter 12 of Raoul Vaneigem’s The Revolution of Everyday LifeFuture Primitve by John Zerzan; the third to last chapter of Fredy Perlman’s Against His-Story, Against LeviathanDeconstructing the Columbus Myth by Ward Churchill; Transform and Rebel: The Calico Indians and the Anti-Rent War by Thom Metzger; Not My Uncle by Harry Willson; Bicycles and Civilization by Michael William; and Positive Child-Adult Sex by Joel Featherston.

There are 3 book reviews, descriptions of 84 alternative media publications and 55 other anarchist publications, and, of course, letters to the editor.



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