Living My Life Vol. II

Emma Goldman     1934     508p     5 x 8

Unabridged second half of Emma Goldman’s almost 1000 page autobiography. Based on years of journal entries, the names, events and descriptions are incredibly vivid even after years since they first happened. See an endless list of friends, comrades, lovers, enemies, co-conspirators and fellow inmates as Goldman continues her work on Mother Earth, denounces World War I, has her offices stormed by the Palmer raids, is deported to Russia shortly after the russian revolution, and her eventual disgust with the Bolsheviks.This half covers the years of 1912-1931. Note: written before Goldman’s involvement in the spanish civil war and death in Canada.

Living My Life Vol. I covers from 1869-1911.

Helene Minkin wrote Storm in My Heart: Memories from the Widow of Johann Most in response to Living My Life.

Full text of Living My Life



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