Anarchy #55

A Journal of Desire Armed

Spring/ Summer 2003     84p     8.25 x 10.5

Articles include Preliminary Notes by Los Amigos de Ludd; Urbanized Life by John Zerzan; “No” to All Wars, Not Just to Some Wars by Jason McQuinn; 19 July 1936: Anarchist Collaboration with the State in the Spanish Civil War by Stuart Christie; Czech Anti-NATO Mobilization by P.H.; Between Iraq and a Hard Place: An Anti-State Communist Perspective on the War by  Angyal Istvan; Greek Anarchists Vs. J24 EU Summit; The Anti-Anarchist Rhetoric of Leftism by Jason McQuinn; The Anti-Anarchist Rhetoric of Leftism by Jason McQuinn; The Ideology of Victimization by Feral Faun; and excerpts from Manual for Revolutionary Leaders by Michael Velli.

There are seven book reviews, 29 reviews of other anarchist publications, and, of course, letters to the editor.



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