Anarchy #20-21

A Journal of Desire Armed

August-October 1989     48p     10.5 x 14.5

Articles in this issue about Relationships include Missouri Senate Moves Against SatanClear, Sober and Obedient: Behind the anti-drug witch-hunt by Lev Chernyi; War Criminal Gets Wrist Slapped, Adolf Eichmann is Vindicated! On Afghanistand by A. Trotter; a report of the May 19th riot in People’s Park in Berkley, California; an article about a squat in Athens, Greece; large protests in Venezuela; To Have Done With the Economy of Love by Feral Faun; What Happened to the Sexual Revolution? by Richard Walters; Monogamy or Non-Monogamy? A DiscussionI’ll Remember You by Laurie Ulster; As We See It!: Common Perspectives on Ourselves; Our World and Social Change by the Columbia Anarchist League; Jealousy by Isaac Cronin; Liberation Sexuality by Alex Richards; and The Man in the Box by Kevin Keating.

There are 3 book reviews, descriptions of 22 alternative media publications and 13 other anarchist publications, and, of course, letters to the editor.





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