Waging Life

On the origins of the wage, resistance to it, and some starting points for its destruction.

Anonymous     2011     12p     5 x 8

Starting with the enclosure of common land in England, this pamphlet (briefly) traces the rise of Capitalism as it impacted different people: the degraded status of women and people of color (that their ‘natural’ role in the world would now be one of subservience and whose labor would be expected and demanded) through witch hunts and the colonization of Africa and the Americas and the genocide committed against the peoples indigenous to those lands. The wage, and who would earn it and who wouldn’t, divided the working class, and blurred the theft of people’s time and creative energy that was more apparent under Capitalism’s precursor, Feudalism.

The pamphlet also discusses pirates and maroons—groups who opposed the impositions of race and gender for Capitalism’s gain—and yearns for and encourages their modern rebirth.

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