Tours, 28. marzo 1903

Flavio Constantini     1974     10.5 x 16.5

Marius Jacob (1879-1954) was an anarchist burglar living in turn-of-the-century France. Here we have the illegalist and two of his comrades breaking into a cathedral to steal tapestries.

Flavio Costantini (1926-2013) was an Italian artist, designer, and printmaker. Costantini created portraits of writers and artists for newspapers, and illustrated several novels. His early works were inspired by the novelist Franz Kafka, and by literary, utopian and—after reading Victor Serge’s Memoires of a Revolutionary in the 1960’s—anarchist visions. Costantini did a large number of illustrations for the British anarchist publisher Cienfuegos Press, which published a—sadly—out of print collection of his work entitled The Art of Anarchy.

This is a full-bleed digital reprint on 80 lbs cardstock from Costantini’s Anarchist Series—not the original with metallic inks.



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