The Angry Brigade

1967-1984: Documents and Chronology

The Angry Brigade & Jean Weir     1985     64p     4 x 5

‘Sit in the drugstore, look distant, empty, bored, drinking some tasteless coffee? Or perhaps BLOW IT UP OR BURN IT DOWN. The only thing you can do with modern slave-houses — called boutiques — IS WRECK THEM. You can’t reform profit capitalism and inhumanity. Just kick it till it breaks.’

The complete published communiqués of the Angry Brigade (both the ‘original’ and the resurfaced AB, as part of the IRSM in the early ’80s), the British anarchist armed struggle group. Includes too, a handy chronology of the actions, arrest and trial, of the ‘Stoke Newinginton Eight’, and a brief analysis/defense of armed struggle from Jean Weir.

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