No Wall They Can Build

A Guide to Borders & Migration Across North America

CrimethInc.     2017     210p     5 x 7.5

“Every year, thousands of people risk their lives to cross the desert between Mexico and the United States. Why do so many people cross the border without documents? How do they make the journey? And whose interests does the border serve, really?

In riveting first-person narrative, No Wall They Can Build offers a close look at the borders that control movement around North America. Drawing on a decade of solidarity work in the desert between Mexico and Arizona, this book uncovers the goals and costs of US border policy, and what it will take to change it.”

Included free with a copy of each book are Borders: The Global Caste System, a 14″ x 22″ newsprint poster, and Immigrants Welcome, a 3″ x 5″ sticker.

No Wall They Can Build PDF



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