From Bughouse Square to the Beat Generation

Selected Ravings Of Slim Brundage – Founder & Janitor Of The College Of Complexes

Slim Brundage & Franklin Rosemont     2003     140p     5 x 8

A unique combination of tavern, university and nonstop wild party, the College of Complexes (1951-1961) was for many years the city’s outstanding outsider outpost — a rare living link between the old IWW/ Bughouse Square/ Dil (yes-one l!) Pickle Club counterculture of the 1920s and the Beat Generation/ New Left counterculture of the 1960s.

The writings collected here by the College’s Founder and Janitor, Slim Brundage (1903-1990), chronicle the colorful history of what may well be the oldest continuous dissident workingclass intellectual community in the U.S.

Franklin Rosemont’s introduction discusses the IWW/ hobohemian roots of the College, outlines the Janitor’s radical (and Dadaist) critique of education, and relates Brundage’s life, the College and Chicago’s hobo/beat scenes to the broader struggles for a better, freer, truly eqalitarian and non-exploitative society.



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