Escaping Washington For Freedom

Let’s Not Celebrate George Washington, but the Slaves Who Escaped Him

CrimethInc.     2018     40p     5 x 8

An overview, mostly snippets and vignettes, of the slaves, indentured servants, and Native Americans that defied George Washington, as well as the role he played in shaping the United States along racial and class lines. An excellent overview!

From the introduction: “President’s Day, a federal holiday, observes George Washington’s birthday on February 22. Yet as a slave owner and profiteer on others’ servitude, George Washington is a poor exemplar of the struggle for freedom. Rather than looking to him for a model representing resistance to tyranny, let’s remember the slaves and indentured servants who sought to escape from him and the Native Americans who defended themselves against his attacks.”

Researched and written with the help of  Leopold Trebitch.

A follow up to Escaping Washington, Resilience, Disaster, Elusion, explores the role of New England in shaping modern democracy.

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