Anarchy #46

A Journal of Desire Armed

Fall/ Winter 1998-1999     84p     8.25 x 10.5

Articles include Two, Three, Many Unabombers by Paul Z. Simons and Jason McQuinn; Computer Clash by Michael Williams about a debate at the Active Resistance conference on whether or not to use the internet as an organizing tool; Avi Naftel is Free!Sem TerraCapitalism Takes a Nose Dive; a report about the arrest of and a lettervfrom Greek anarchist K. Maziotis, accused of taking part in the Revolutionary People’s Struggle recent bombing campaign; Car Arson Attacks in AthensMy Vacation (with Libertaire) by Paul Simons; So you would use us as bumfodder? Not for long!, the final chapter and postscript to Raou Vaneigem’s The Revolution of Everyday LifeThe Unemployed Struggles in France by Charles Reeve; Birth of the Jobless Movement in France by Len Bracken; Behind the Balaclavas of the Mexican Southeast by Sylvie Deneuve and Charles Reeve; and Is Cultural Studies Maoist? by Kirby Olson.

There are 10 book reviews, descriptions of 35 other anarchist publications, and, of course, letters to the editor.



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