Anarchy #37

A Journal of Desire Armed

Summer 1993     84p     8.25 x 10.5

Articles include How Nice to be Civilized by Des Refractaires; Peru: The Ideaology of Apocalypse Shining Path to What? by Manolo Gonzalez; an update about anarchists in Nigeria who are facing repression; Anti-Fascist-Action Edinburgh by Rachel Rinaldo; The Fascination of Time, chapter 16 of Raoul Vaneigem’s The Revolution of Everyday LifeThe Continuing Appeal of Nationalism by Fredy Perlman; What is Race? by Neal Keating; Rank-and-file Radicalism within the Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s by John Zerzan; and Vagit-Prop by Annie Le Brun.

There are 11 book reviews, descriptions of 195 alternative media publications and other anarchist publications, and, of course, letters to the editor.



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