A Menagerie in Revolt

Selected Writings of Benjamin Peret

Benjamin Peret     2009     148p     5 x 8

From Charles H. Kerr, “Peret’s writings testify with burning clarity to his relentless devotion to the cause of breaking the social, cultural, and psychological fetters which reduce the imagination to misery and degradation. An essential collection by an essential member of the first Surrealist group.”

This collection is based on the pioneering anthology of Peret’s writings that first appeared in August 1970 in the SDS journal Radical America, introduced by Franklin Rosemont. This new, expanded and illustrated edition includes a selection of Peret’s incomparable poetry and stories, a wide range of crtical essays of the practice of poetry, the struggle against capitalism, slave revolts in Brazil, Pre-Columbian art, and appreciations of some of the great surrealist artists. An afterword by Don LaCoss discusses the ecological dimension of Peret’s work.



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