The High Cost of Living

Marge Piercy     1978     288p     5.5 x 8

For Leslie, the cost of living —and loving— is getting higher and higher. She has become involved in a strange erotic triangle with Honor, a romantic young woman, and Bernie, a queer former street hustler. One reader had this to say:

The book has an evocative earnestness to it that takes me back to women’s groups, consciousness raising, and the hope we had that we could change the world for the better. I bought this having read and loved ‘Woman on the Edge of Time’ and ‘Vida’ and I missed the action of those two books. This is a book about love and jealousy, and how both can strike from strange directions. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in the sexual politics of 1980s America, or anyone puzzling out their own sexual orientation and politics.



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