Fellow Worker

The Life Of Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson & David Roediger     1994     93p     5 x 8

Fred Thompson—1900–1987—socialist, Wobbly, organizer, soapboxer, editor, class-war prisoner, educator, historian, and publisher (it was he who spearheaded the effort to get the Charles H. Kerr Company back on its feet in the 1970s). Here are lively accounts of his career as a teenage socialist in Canada during the World War I; adventures as a hobo on the road; hard years in San Quentin; organizing for the IWW—Colorado miners in the 1920s, Detroit auto-workers in the early ’30s, Cleveland metal-workers in the ’40s; encounters with the mysterious Wobbly philosopher, T-Bone Slim; teaching at the IWW Work People’s College; and much more. From cover to cover, this book bristles with the characteristic humor and wisdom of a self-taught working-stiff. Compiled, edited, and introduced by David Roediger

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