Beneath the Paving Stones

Situationists and the Beach, May 1968

Dark Star Collective     2001     120p     8 x 8

An anthology of the three classic Situationist pamphlets—The Poverty of Student Life, Totality for Kids, and The Decline and Fall of the Spectacular Commodity Economy, plus an eyewitness account of the Paris May ’68 events. Much of the Situ creed was produced in pamphlet form—and these three were crucial in creating the Situationist legend. Indeed, these works by Guy Debord, Raoul Vaneigem, and the Strasbourg Students were the most widely translated, distributed, and influential pamphlets of the Situationist International available in the 60s. Easier to read than Society of the Spectacle, and a provocatively seductive invitation to a life of freedom and revolt, this compendium offers the reader not only a concise introduction to the ideas of the Situationists, but also an insight into what Situationist material was readily available in the late 60s. Includes numerous documents, photographs, poster art, and graffiti originating from Paris in 1968.



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