Anarchy #56

A Journal of Desire Armed

Jason McQuinn & Lawrence Jarach (eds.) Fall/ Winter 2003-2004     84p     8.25 x 10.5

Articles include Evasion of Rational Discussion in the Radical Milieu by Jason McQuinn, Stopping the Car by H. H. Bliss, Inside Anarchy by Jason McQuinn, Notes on Summits and Counter-Summits by Some Rovertan Anarchists, Green Anarchists Gather in Pennsylvania by TK, Man Bites Dog: A Report on the “Break the Chains” Conference 2003, The Cat by Michael William, Why Primitivism? by John Zerzan, Surrealist Desire, Anarchy and the Poetry of Revolt by Ron Sakolsky, The Naturists, Precursors of Ecology by Dominique Petit, and an excerpt from Strategy and Anarchy by Aragorn!.

There are 14 book review and move reviews, 33 reviews of other anarchist publications, and, of course, letters to the editor.



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